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Interconnect Business Optimization solution

uClick is a state of the art plug and play solution providing a full range of retail and inter-carrier services (R-ICS) for MNOs and MVNOs on a single platform.

The CCPL uClick inter-carrier solution is a proprietary system fully developed by highly experienced and skilled CCPL engineers using a mix of technologies specifically designed to ensure smooth and easy implementation. Our unique approach allows us to deliver maximum functionality in a short time frame.

uClick has been specifically designed to be modular and customizable to meet client’s exact requirements

We understand each customer is unique in an ever changing business landscape. With this in mind uClick has been designed to be highly flexible and scalable. This allow fast and easy changes to be made ensuring customers are at the forefront of business maximizing revenue growth and profitability.

Superior support is a cornerstone to the CCPL corporate philosophy. CCPL is committed to providing comprehensive local support and, regardless of location, CCPL with open a fully functional operational in-country office.

uClick Interconnect Business Solution

Solution Overview

In the arena of interconnect, which deals specifically with carrier-to-carrier relationships, it has become increasingly important to optimize interconnect business.

The uClick solution uses a modular approach to help clients improve processes within carrier operations as well as analysis to detect and remedy areas of potential revenue leakage or cost inefficiency.

uClick Modules

A Proprietary World Class Solution to Drive Your Interconnect Business Needs

  • uClick Bridge – Automated upload of vendor rate sheets
  • uClick Speed – Proactive routing suggestions encompassing supplier rate changes, quality changes and other interconnect objectives
  • uClick Commerce – Upload of vendor rates and generate customer price lists using forecasted cost methodology and margin application
  • uClick Facilitate – Interface with network elements to collect, process, enrich and format CDRs for downstream system
  • uClick Vault – Billing features and functionalities to support common billing business processes of wholesale carriers

uClick encompasses the management of all carrier relations processes from beginning to end, including the ability to:

  • Proactively manage volume commitments
  • Quickly detect and correct negative margin relationships
  • Dynamically and proactively optimize traffic routing
  • Identify arbitrage opportunities
  • Capitalize on structuring and managing inter-carrier agreements
  • Monitor and enforce quality of service parameters with vendors
  • Assure revenue streams through innovative, differentiated services
  • Successfully optimize interconnect business

Why Choose uClick?

uClick affords a series of benefits that provide tangible advantages over other suppliers:


Licence Costs

Whereas other interconnect providers’ solutions are predominantly based on legacy software, often incurring expensive additional software licence costs, uClick is modern, state of the art using open source technologies such as Perl and Java thereby eliminating the need for any additional software licences.


Minimal Hardware

uClick can be deployed using a simple Windows desktop configuration again, reducing cost. With other providers’ solutions, very often, hardware requirements are high as some form of Unix is required along with Oracle databases.

File Formats

uClick has been developed to support multiple file formats such as .xls, .xlsx, .csv and .slk to simplify information exchange with vendors in their native format. Other solutions offer one or, at most, two formats such as MS Excel thus enabling file format conversions which is slow and tedious and care needs to be taken to ensure conversions are correct.

End to End Processing

uClick has a customization layer that can initiate offer upload into any downstream system, and also publish results to vendor post upload. Any validation of the new offered rates is performed against the rates uploaded in the production environment of the downstream solution. With other solutions, functionality is limited to converting the offers into a standardized output format only. The deployed solution does not interface with the downstream system to ensure that offer has been loaded successfully. History rates are maintained by the implemented solution and could be different to that in the production environment.

Configurable and Flexible

uClick allows users to configure their own business specific validation rules and a user interface is provided to easily monitor that the system performs as per business requirements. For other solutions, creating business specific validation rules normally involves time consuming change requests to manually customise the solution.


uClick can be deployed either as in-house or SAS based implementation depending on the preference of maintaining rates whereas other solutions are provided in SAS mode only.

Audit and Logging

uCiick provides full end to end logging of the entire workflow together with comprehensive statistics to ensure complete monitoring and auditing. Many other solutions, being legacy based, have not progressed with the times and often, logging is not detailed. Again, for logging to be updated to modern business standards, lengthy change requests are required.


Having been developed using modern, open source technologies, uClick can be ported across a number of operating systems with minimal effort. Other solutions, again, being legacy based, portability options are very limited and often require significant and costly effort to be able to provide portability.

Business Intelligence

In conjunction with audit and logging, uClick maintains detailed statistics allowing a data mart to be built to provide the business with any number of business specific reporting requirements. Other solutions are generally deployed in SAS mode limiting the reporting capabilities available.

After Sales

Post implementation, CCPL offer comprehensive Managed Services using our experienced engineers and consultants that can take care of the day to day technical burden of a complicated interconnect business thereby leaving the client to focus directly on revenue growth and increased profitability.

In Country Support

One of CCPL’s missions is “to be near our customers”. In order to meet this mission, CCPL is committed to opening fully operational offices in every country where CCPL has a presence. CCPL currently has operational offices in 11 countries across 3 continents. As part of its ongoing commitment to its clients, CCPL additionally provides a unique three tiered local support programme where tier 1 is 24 x 7 direct access to local CCPL engineers for a rapid response. Tier 2 brings in our numerous subject matter experts and tier 3 calls in our research and development laboratory.

Financing Flexibility

CCPL understand that cost structures can be financially constraining. Therefore, we are more adaptive than other suppliers and offer very flexible financing to our customers. CCPL can offer uClick in a variety of pricing models providing the customer the most optimal financing for their business.
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